Junk my car Bolton is an experienced company that knows how to deal with junk cars. But before scrapping your car, we must know some detailed information about your vehicle, the model, year, and manufacturer. Then determine the price of your scrap vehicle, and we will take away the car form you within a period of time. And pay you top dollars for your junk car on the spot.

Our services is divided into some parts:

1: You have to call us for your junk call to get a quote.

2: Tell us some details about your junk car and the location of your scrap car

3: We will be there in an hour and pay you on the spot for your junk scrap unwanted car.


About our Junk my car Bolton Service.

Our removal service is very fast and reliable. Like Mississauga, Milton, Bolton, and Oakville, we provide the best towing service in the entire GTA. We offer top value for your unwanted vehicle, making refusing us impossible. Doing our best with our customers, we earned a good reputation in the car removal industry. Malik Junk car removal puts cash into your pocket for unwanted cars.

Scrap car dangerous for Environment

Do you know how dangerous junk cars are to a healthy environment? It releases harmful gases and liquids, which can affect our environment and harm humans. The Canadian government has made very strict decisions on junk cars. They can fine you if you have a junk or damaged car which is not in running condition.

Junk my Car Bolton is as simple as 1 2 3. You just call us on our number or fill up the quote form. We provide fast service to remove your unwanted car from the driveway, garage, and basement parking lot. We provide a 24/7 junk car removal service.