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Metal tariffs are pushing up US consumer prices

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Consumer price levels rose in the US last month.

That was partly due to the effects of tariffs.

They Fed should be more tolerant of temporary bouts of inflation due to rising trade tensions.

U.S. consumer prices rose more than expected in July, reinforcing view that the will continue its gradual pace of interest rate Likes, at least for now.

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July’s U.S. CPI report showed core inflation accelerated to a 2.4% annual rate, up from 2.3% in June, as businesses may have started to pass on rising costs of industrial metals and fuels.  Get cash for  junk/scrap cars in new Market. Price hikes ahead of potential tariffs could have also contributed to the rise in core CPI. However, prices of consumer services, including shelter, which tend to be more sensitive to the domestic business cycle, continued to trend sideways.

Looking ahead, The extent to which inflation from higher input costs continues to accelerate will depend in part on the price sensitivity of consumers. And whether trade tensions between the U.S. and its trading partners escalate further. For now,We continue to forecast core CPI inflation will end the year at around 2.3%. But would note that the Trump administration’s trade policies present a near-term upside risk to our inflation forecast.

Overall, today’s print doesn’t change our view that domestic inflationary pressure remain manage and one to two more interest rates hikes are likely in 2018. The Fed should be more tolerant of temporary bouts of inflation due to rising trade tensions.

Car prices and appliances were driven higher – tariffs to blame?

After deflating for the better part of last year. Input prices have increased between 10% and 20% year-over-year due to the lagged effects of the recover in global industrial activity in 2017.

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Price increases in large appliances were also. This may reflect the rising input costs of industrial metals, similar to the auto industry For Scrap Car. But produce could  also be accelerating price hikes ahead of implementation of U.S. tariffs on imports  appliances and related parts.

An increase sensitivity to higher  price  goods suggest that produce may  be able to pass  the rising input cost they have  past. For example, When prices began to rise. Early indications from Wards Auto data suggest purchase continued to decline in July. Historically, a 10% rise in steel prices has tended to coincide with a 1% rise the price of new autos Money for car in new market Scrap Car. However, That pass-through rate may be more muted if a larger drop in sales volumes ensues.