Junk Cars and Scrap Car Removal

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Operating out of the Mississauga and Brampton areas, we pay top cash for your old junk car or cars. Don’t just toss it, get paid for it! You have nothing to lose call us and we will give you a quote within 30 seconds! For quick removal and easy cash payment, just call (647) 704-6132

How Much Do We Pay Out For Junk Car?

We pay between $100 and $2000 for old cars, pickup trucks, vans and other scrap metals, dead or alive! We pay cash on the spot and offer free junk car removal service.

Malik Auto Scrappers

We recycle all your cars parts and helps the environment with our “Scrap Car Recycling Best Practices. When we remove you vehicle from your premises in the Mississauga, Brampton, and Oakville Area, we make sure to prevent any oil spills and harm to the environment. On all our towing trucks we have equipment to clean any spills or hazards for the environment to prevent harming your land and water.We offer Instant Top Cash for Junk Cars Vans Trailers Trucks and other Vehicles Removal

Malik Junk Car Yard

Why take your vehicle to a scrap yard in Brampton and pay a fee when you can have Malik Junk Car Removal & Auto Scrappers remove your vehicle from your premises for free and pay you top cash for your scrap car

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Please Keep in mind We don’t sell any kind of used car parts.

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